Journaling Client - The Get Well Project

Health and well-being are like an ocean wave — a continuum of ups and downs. At the crest of the wave, you’re in the peak of health, but when the wave crashes against the shore it can leave you feeling washed up and depleted.

It’s an ongoing challenge to ride those waves, to maintain life balance, to control stress, and to optimize your health day after day. And when you’re diagnosed with a life-changing disease, well-being can seem even more elusive.

That’s when Write It Away© steps in to provide a variety of tools to bring individuals and organizations back into balance and to lead you forward on the journey to renewed vigor and peak performance.

Write to Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well…

Journal - Let's Write to Get WellWe write to get well.

We write to feel better.

We write to breathe purpose back into our lives.

We write — a simple solution to complex problems, anytime, anywhere!

The Get Well Project is about writingWe teach how to use writing as a simple, life-long tool to get your life moving forward to optimal health … and keep it going!

Writing Works! It’s Proven!

The Get Well Project is based on the work of pioneers in the fields of
expressive writing, self-affirmation and action scripting.